Apogee Plus Touch Free Intermittent Catheter System, Male

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The Apogee Plus System is an intermittent catheter closed system for men featuring a pre-lubricated catheter and integrated 1500 mL urine collection bag with tear strip. A touch-free protective introducer tip minimizes catheter exposure to bacteria, reducing the risk of urinary tract infections. A protective cap covers the tip to prevent leakage. The side-loaded catheter helps prevent urine back flow. The rectangular collection bag is designed to evenly distribute the weight of urine. Smooth catheter eyelets aid comfortable insertion and removal. This catheter is not made with natural rubber latex. Also available as a kit with insertion supplies.


  • 16 inches long
  • Pre-lubricated
  • Touch-free introducer tip with protective cap 
  • Self-contained 1500 mL collection bag
  • Side-loaded catheter
  • Does not include insertion supplies
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Single-use, sterile

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