Cure Twist Catheter with Insertion Kit

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The Cure Twist® Catheter with Insertion Kit is complete, discreet and ready to use. It features an easy twist-off cap on an attractive dispenser similar in shape and size to small cosmetics, fire-polished eyelets on a pre-lubricated straight tip and a universal funnel end.  The insertion kit includes a set of ambidextrous gloves, a non-staining BZK wipe, underpad and collection bag with a universal connector for maximum drainage compatibility.


  • 6 inches long 
  • Portable
  • Pre-lubricated
  • Ready to use
  • Universal funnel
  • Insertion Kit (gloves, BZK wipe, underpad, collection bag)
  • Sterile, single use
  • Made without BPA, DEHP/DINP, or natural rubber latex

French Sizes Item #
8 FR T8K
10 FR T10K
12 FR T12K
14 FR T14K
16 FR T16K