GentleCath Insertion Kit

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The GentleCath Insertion Kit comes with a range of supplies to provide you with a convenient and easy catherization experience. This includes an underpad to protect yourself and your immediate environment from residual liquid, a pair of exam gloves to support a hygienic catherization technique, a collection bag that easily connects to your catheter in order to measure the amount of fluid drained or as an alternative when a bathroom is not available, an antiseptic BZK pad to clean the area of insertion, and lubricating jelly to aid insertion. Designed to be used standalone or in combination, this kit helps maintain a sterile and hygienic catherization technique.


  • 1500mL collection bag
  • Lubricating jelly
  • BZK antiseptic pad
  • Pair of exam gloves
  • Underpad

Sizes Item #
One size 503870