Tips for Traveling with Catheters

flying airplane

With the holidays quickly approaching, you may be wondering how your catheters may impact travel plans. With the right planning and preparation, traveling with your catheter will be the last thing to stress about this holiday season. By following Patient Care Medical’s four simple tips, you will never have to worry about traveling with your catheter supplies ever again!

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Tip #1: Preparation is key.

The first step in preparing for travel with your catheter is knowing what supplies to bring and how much you will need. Take into consideration the different environments and activities your plans will entail and pack accordingly. If you will be traveling long distances and access to a restroom is even in question, you should consider a catheter and bag or a short-term indwelling catheter. When placing your order of catheter supplies, make sure you allow enough time for delivery before leaving for your destination. If traveling by plane, contact your medical professional to write any necessary medical notes or provide a travel certificate for storing products in your carry-on bag. This is applicable for catheter accessories, such as hand sanitizers and lubricant-based products.

Tip #2: Research and plan your itinerary.

Failure to plan is planning to fail. It is always better to know the kinds of places and activities you will be visiting to take into account how it will impact your self-catheterization needs. Without question, always travel with your catheter prescription. It would be helpful to research the nearest medical facility in proximity to where you are staying in case of a medical emergency. For extended travel stay, it would be valuable to know the contact information for a local catheter supplier in case of a shortage.

Tip #3: Consider airline restrictions.

If traveling by airplane, you will need to consider the disruption of your catheterization routine and how this may impact your travel. In the case of lost luggage, pack enough catheter supplies in both your checked and carry-on bags. When traveling through security, present your medical notes and product information to avoid any lengthy hold-ups or additional hassle. Always catheterize close to boarding your flight to help with convenience once on the plane. If needing to catheterize on a long distance flight, request an aisle seat that will be close to the nearest bathroom.

Tip #4: Maintain your catheter schedule.

Without fail, traveling with your catheter will most certainly disrupt your self-catheterization schedule. Consider any time zone changes and take into account possible events that may prevent you from your current catheter routine. Set an alarm as a precautionary tool to ensure the safety of your health and the enjoyment of your holiday!

If you are in need of any additional advice or need to stock up on catheter supplies for your holiday travels, contact Patient Care Medical! We carry all the major brands and have trusting, caring professionals available to assist with all your catheter needs. For more information, call us now at (888) 726-5066 or fill out the form below to request your free catheter samples!