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What is a Coude Catheter & Why Should I Use One?

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Who Should Use Coudé Catheters? Thousands of Americans have symptoms of urinary incontinence. To help alleviate these symptoms, doctors often prescribe intermittent catheters to treat various bladder related conditions, including retention and incontinence. Many people can use straight tip catheters without any pain or discomfort, however some people prefer a curved (coudé) tip catheter. When Should […]

How to Use a Catheter: Self Catheterization for Beginners


How To Use A Catheter: Self-Catheterization For Beginners When patients begin to use catheters they can sometimes feel embarrassed or nervous about self-catheterization. It is completely normal to feel this way, but it is important to note that self-cathing helps thousands of Americans every single day. People may need catheterization when they have certain medical […]

Congratulations to Our 2019 Scholarship Recipients!

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Patient Care Medical, a national supplier of catheters and accessories, is excited to announce its 2019 scholarship recipients. Through the Patient Care Medical Scholarship, we hope to provide outstanding students with the financial support necessary to pay for educational expenses. This year, five students were chosen to receive a $1,000 scholarship award. Congratulations to Our […]