Bard Magic3 TOUCHLESS™ Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter Kit and Insertion Supply Kit with BZK Wipes

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The MAGIC3 TOUCHLESS™ Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter Kit is a convenient and safe closed system catheter. It features a MAGIC3® three-layered silicone catheter, hydrophilic coating, sterile water packet, SureGrip™ insertion sleeve to easily hold and advance the catheter without touching the surface, catheter cap ring for easy removal, large 1100cc collection chamber and insertion supply kit with two vinyl gloves, underpad and antiseptic BZK wipes. The catheter has a tapered tip with four drainage eyes for efficient drainage, and the pre-lubricated insertion tip positions the catheter in the urethra to reduce risk of contamination. The collection chamber has handy quick-reference illustrations printed directly on the bag, a tapered neck and built-in handle for easy handling. Ideal for someone in a wheelchair or with limited dexterity. Also available with PVI swabs.


  • Unisex
  • 100% silicone 3-layer technology
  • SureGrip™ insertion sleeve
  • 1100cc built-in collection chamber
  • Pre-lubricated insertion tip
  • Insertion supplies: gloves, underpad, BZK wipes
  • Single-use, sterile
  • Free of natural rubber latex, DEHP, PVC and phthalates

French Sizes Item #
8 FR 58808
10 FR 58810
12 FR 58812
14 FR 58814
16 FR 58816