LoFric Tiemann Coudé Hydrophilic Catheter

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The Lofric Tiemann Coudé Hydrophilic Catheter is the original low-friction catheter. The coudé tip allows for easier access and the hydrophilic coating offers quick lubrication. Just add clean water to activate the hydrophilic coating. Reach out to our representatives for more information about the Lofric Tiemann Coudé Hydrophilic Catheter.


  • 16″ long (male length)
  • Tiemann coude tip
  • Latex free
  • Color coded funnel for identification
  • Sterile, single-use
  • Hydrophilic

French Sizes Item #
10 FR 4051040
12 FR 4051240
14 FR 4051440
16 FR 4051640
18 FR 4051840